Jul 31, 2007

A New Plein Air/Landscape Art Book For San Diego

Late last year I submitted some paintings for possible
publication for San Diego Flora. Nine of my paintings were accepted into this publication. The book, Land Of Sunlight - Contemporary Paintings of San Diego County was just mailed to contributing artists and is expected to be in many retail stores by the end of August. It’s such a beautiful book and author James Lightner obviously made this book a labor of love. One hundred fine artists are featured and the book is loaded with hundreds of full color paintings of the desert, mountains, hills/valleys and the coast. The artists and their styles in this book are just as diverse as San Diego County, some of them very well known. A great book for collectors no doubt. As a contributing artist I can get this book at the wholesale price. Please drop me an email if you are interested in owning this book. You can also visit http://www.sandiegoflora.com/.

Jul 16, 2007

Aero Club

Studio painting

This bar front has always intrigued me, even before I started to paint landscapes. The obvious curiosity with the sign is what grabbed me. I would like to paint this again in maybe late afternoon light or at night when the neon is ablaze. The reference pic was taken in the morning and I like the way the light slices through the painting. From my theater days as a scenic artist I always loved to paint signs/lettering, and I enjoy painting signs and lettering in small scale as well.

Jul 10, 2007

Ray At Night Opening

For those local San Diego folks who might be interested. There will be music, food and local artisans displaying their works. I'll be showing 23 paintings, mostly plein air and landscapes with a few portraits. Many galleries and a lot to see. This July 14th opening will be part of the festivities for this once a month neighborhood tradition. If you want to know more go here:

Jul 5, 2007

North Park Alley View

Studio painting

The pic reference was taken standing in an alley looking towards the water tower with the sun almost directly above. I thought it was an interesting view. It's not the usual one point perspective alley painting but a glimpse into the backside of someones garage and home.