Mar 28, 2007

Carmel Ranch

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Painted at an old ranch off Carmel Valley Road, east of the I-5. This location holds many more paintings, especially the barn and stable. A lot of discarded farm machinery and other curiosities will hopefully bring me back to this site. Tried to simplify and abstract the area on the left, which was a pile of farm equipment and part of a tractor. I found out after I left the owner trotted by on his horse and told a few other painters that we were trespassing. Hopefully I can convince him we're a group of harmless artists who will respect his property. I guess a few kids got hurt on his property (they were trespassing) and actually took him to court over their injuries. One can understand his concern.

Mar 21, 2007

Village Gallery Reception

Here's a pic from the day of the reception (March 18th). The shutter bug he is, my friend Richard Carter took this picture. Interesting view looking at the gallery from the outside and the reflections of the scene across the street. Of course myself and others are in the reflection chatting up a good time. Can't miss my dome! It was a lot of good fun. Thanks to those who were able to attend.

Mar 13, 2007

North Park Water Tower Revisited

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

I painted this tower last fall and I finally got around to painting it again. It was painted from the same area, not too far away from the original location. This one was a great time, more views to be painted in the future. Of the three I entered, I was recently notified this one placed third in the oil category for Under The Sky, a local plein air exhibit. The reception is this Sunday the 18th from 2pm to 5pm. More info on a earlier post.

Mar 10, 2007

Looking Uphill At Upas

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Uphill views are fascinating to me. I'm drawn to horizon lines above the viewer, a sense of mystery up there and back there. What a beautiful San Diego morning this particular day was. Just gorgeous. I tried to separate the various greens in this one, not the same monotonous shade of green that actually existed. To me, greens can be tricky to paint. It has the potential to overpower the painting and scream GREEN! It's just a matter of subtly subduing, finding that delicate balance keeping in mind that green can either be a warm color or cool color. All this while cars are zooming down this hill, straight at me at one point and turning at what appears to be the last possible moment. The adventures continue..............

Mar 5, 2007

Plein Air Show

Come one, come all to the La Jolla Art Association sponsored Under The Sky plein air show. This exhibit will feature many talented San Diego plein air artists who painted, on site, many different areas of San Diego county. I submitted 3 paintings and all 3 were accepted. This is my first group show and I am looking forward to showing my work and meeting art-minded people. It should be a fun time. Hope to see you there!

Mar 3, 2007

Georgia Street Bridge

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Here's a scene I painted a while back without much success. Thought I would give it another shot. I'm definitely happier with this outcome, for the most part anyway. I'll probably end up painting the other side of it someday. There's also a great view on top of the bridge looking straight up the street on both sides. That would be a challenge! This bridge was built in 1914.