Nov 22, 2014

Here's a 12x12 that is one of the paintings featured at my current show at Bread & Cie Cafe.  It's of a restaurant in my neighborhood in San Diego.  It is iconic as it has a colorful history.  It opened in 1950 and closed in 1985.  It was once the most popular location in a family chain of pizzerias and was also a hot spot for movie stars, famous athletes and special events.  It recently went up for sale so I thought I'd document it before it goes away forever.  See "Moon Over Pernicano's", along with other paintings before the show ends on November 30th.  Bread & Cie is located at 350 University Avenue in San Diego.  Click here to read my latest newsletter and to see which paintings are still available from this show.

Nov 6, 2014

Outdoor Painter is a weekly digital newsletter that features artists, news and tips about plein air painting.  It is part of Plein Air Magazine, the premier magazine for the craft of plein air painting.  Editor/writer Bob Bahr did a little blurb about my use of limited palettes, complete with one of my recent paintings.  Thanks Bob and the folks at Outdoor Painter and Plein Air Magazine.  Click here to see the article.

Nov 5, 2014

This painting is of the main street in the neighborhood I live in.  Again, I chose my colors by using the gamut mask method.  I had an awesome time painting this.  I like how it's full of atmosphere.  Someone on Facebook described it as "that moment just before you reach up and pull down the visor in your car".  Thought that was pretty cool.  I'm really learning a lot by choosing my colors via the gamut mask, choices I probably would not have chosen otherwise.  This 8x10 painting is titled "92103" and was painted in oil.