Dec 10, 2006

Park & Robinson

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

I was on my way to a certain paint location when I passed by this construction zone. It's in my neighborhood, not too far from my place. I was instantly struck by the composition: the towering builiding, the crane above and the the office trailer. I'm really glad I painted it. There are so many condos and apartment buildings currently under construction in Hillcrest, at least four I can think of. In the last year and a half about 4 have been completed. The architectual landscape is rapidly changing in my neighborhood. This would be an interesting way to docment growth in the neighborhood. I plan to paint more of these. That crane was fun to paint!


Joe said...

Love your work. Curious: how long did it take you to complete this painting from beginning to end? How did you handle the changing light conditions?

Danny Griego said...

Hi Joe

Thanks! The painting took about 2 hours to complete. As far as the lighting, after doing a quick but accurate drawing, I established my shadow pattern right off the bat. Over the course of the painting when the light was changing, I stuck to my initial shadow pattern no matter what. Hope that answers your question.

Thanks again!
Danny Griego

Joe said...

Makes a lot of sense, Danny. I also took a look at your studio landscapes. I assume these paintings are based off of photographs or are they from sketches and memory? I often work through photographs since I can't seem to work fast enough to master plein air painting. You can see my work here:

Danny Griego said...

Hi Joe

Nice blog page, keep up the good work! I like your palette, very colorful. Yea, my studio landscape paintings on my site are painted from plein air studies. On my site, I believe there is one or two under plein air that I used as reference for the one or two under studio landscape. I encourage you to paint outdoors often, try not to get discouraged. Over time, painting outdoors often makes working from photo reference a lot easier.

Good luck!

Danny Griego

alex schaefer said...

Hi Danny,

This is Alex Schaefer... we both know my mom Suzy Schaefer. I like you paintings alot! My mom mentioned your blog and it inspired me to start my own. I posted pictures of the painting we did down in San Diego. I like how it came out, I hope you can see it in person!

have a happy new year!