Jan 9, 2007


Life study

This plein air portrait was painted right before the end of '06. The last painting of the year, actually. The usual Tuesday portrait group wasn't meeting because of the holidays so I painted this one on my own. My friend Rob was kind enough to sit for this one, right on his front porch. I was going to use the Zorn palette but upon seeing all those fantastic colors in Rob's face I turned to my expanded palette. The colors that appear in the skin en plein air is awesome. It excites me to see a fleck of color that wouldn't otherwise exist with controlled indoor lighting or from a photograph. Rob has sat for me a two times already, making this the third time. He'll be the recipient of one of the portraits I painted of him when we get up to five. Can't ask for a better model as he did very well. What are friends for, huh?


paige said...

found your site via Alex's blog. Your work is beautiful.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Paige! Nice work as well. It's like Shag meets Robert McGinnis, there's a "cool" retro flare to your drawing.

Michelle Smith said...

Nice! Love the light and color. I better bookmark your blog as I don't remember the path which lead me here.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Michelle!