Jan 30, 2007

Storage Shed

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Here's a quick little study I painted at Balboa Park, nearby where I live. There's a horseshoe club at the park and that's what I originally intended to paint: some old guy throwing some horseshoes around. Nobody was out that morning so I painted this little shed right next to the horseshoe grounds. It's not terribly exciting, but I do like the simplicity of it. Been cooped up painting some miniatures for a show my Tuesday group is having in late March. I have been painting mostly portraits and some landscapes in 5x7 and 6x8 sizes. Maybe I will paint some larger. Painting in these sizes is challenging, for me it's much easier to paint larger. Not as large though as those HUGE drops (60 feet by 30 feet) I used to paint in the theater world!


Anonymous said...

You have a great eye for design. Your work is a pleasure for a homesick Californian.

Danny Griego said...

Thank you. I sometimes get emails via my website with that exact sentiment. Glad you enjoy my paintings!