Feb 16, 2007

Serra Museum

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Here's a mission style building built in 1929 that sits atop Presidio Park in San Diego. It's the site of the first mission and fortified settlement in present-day California. Been trying to push myself to simplify, abstract and not get so caught up in details. I particularly like the railing on top. I was looking up at the building from below. It was an interesting but awkward angle. Ahhh, the challenges...........

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Kim Thomas said...

Dear Danny,

Is this still for sale? We used to live in San Diego in the early 60's when my Dad was in the Navy and play in Presidio Park and go to the museum. When I was little, there were these giant oyster shells outside on the walkway. The museum used to show up in my dreams all the time when I was a child, but I didn't know where it was or what the connection was since I was only 2 and 3 and it was one of my earliest memories. Then when I moved here in 1991 from Seattle and saw the museum again, it was a real life deja vu the nearly knocked me out! Then I married Peter. He grew-up in Mission Hills and drove through the park every day until his Dad's house was sold in 2003. I love this painting! I love all your work and I want a piece!

Have a safe trip and my warm thoughts will be with you!

Kim Thomas