Jun 17, 2007

Trees And Clouds

Studio painting

This is from a picture I took at San Luis Obispo, CA last year. I finally got around to painting it. Although on the small side for a studio piece, I thought it would be fun anyway, plus I wanted to finish it in one session and give it the feel of a plein air piece. The clouds were spectacular that day, they were literally in this formation when I took the pic. I love how clouds can help frame a painting.



Love this one (and the next one too).
Beautiful color and strong compositions.

Cheers... Andrew Judd

Danny Griego said...

Hi Andrew, thanks for your nice comment. Much appreciated!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Danny, this is a good one and you have achieved the PA feeling. Love the edges in the first tree.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Nue!

alex schaefer said...

the light and color in this is so southern California. Beautiful piece! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the good word!

Danny Griego said...

Gracias Alex.