Sep 28, 2007

My Dad

Oil/cotton panel
Studio painting

This value study painting was done 5 or so years ago using only burnt umber and white. It is of my father who early this morning (9/28) passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was 72 years old.
I recently spent time in Colorado visiting my dad during his stay in the hospital. When I left for home to San Diego his condition was slowly improving. He had emphysema, even though he quit smoking nearly 20 years ago. A touch of pneumonia and a series of strokes also complicated matters. He put up a good fight for 21 plus days but in the end his body simply gave out.
All his life he was a hard working person, blue collar all the way. He took pride in being from Ohio. His professions ranged from working the oil fields, railroad, construction, roofing, concrete and he retired as a janitor for McDonalds. He was also a Korean War veteran serving three years in the Army. I remember spending a summer before my freshman year in college working with him as a roofer (the industrial kind of roofing). I had a newfound respect for him after that summer.
Although he's technically my stepfather, I consider him my only father as he met my mother and raised me since I was 6 months old. That was in 1966. He was always a good husband to my mother and provided plentifully for my younger brother and me.
Among his countless enjoyments fishing was at the top of the list. We took many camping and road trips as a family. Western movies was a life long passion and he enjoyed listening to country music, especially the old school variety. I would watch the Denver Broncos every Sunday with him and he loved watching his Colorado Rockies baseball team. His yard and garden were of particular joy to him. A character he was, giving the nurses and doctors a "hard time" up to the very end.
He loved this painting. As you can see he has one of those faces an artist loves to paint. Over the years I've taken many pictures of him with the idea of doing more paintings. I'm glad I did and I look forward to doing those paintings down the road. Of course there's a lot more to my dad than these few paragraphs. I just wanted to write about him a little today. I'll miss you dearly dad.


Jo Castillo said...


This is a lovely tribute to your father. He sounds like a wonderful man. A beautiful and touching painting.

Thanks for sharing.


Danny Griego said...

Hi Jo

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words.

Jennifer McChristian said...

My condolences for your loss Danny.

Beautiful painting for a beautiful tribute.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks so much Jennifer.

Daily Paintings said...

Very nice your Dad would have loved it! Mike

Danny Griego said...

Hey Mike, thanks. He sure did like this one for sure.

asila said...

Danny strong impact of emotional amazing U draw with love n with very care
very very touching.