Mar 2, 2008

'60 Chevrolet Conversion

Studio painting

Thought I would have some fun with this one! This car is a 1960 Chevrolet Wagon which was converted into a ambulance. The lights were a later addition and the inside was revamped for emergency use. The original ambulances from this time were higher in the back to accommodate equipment and people. This painting will also be at a gallery I'll be showing at starting next week and I'll post those details soon. It was painted from picture reference taken in Denver when I was home for Thanksgiving. It was asking to be painted!


chubirka said...

This one is beautiful, I love seeing the underpainting peeking through.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Jacqueline!

David Lobenberg said...

I'm doing a portrait commission right now and went to Carolyn Anderson's site to get inspired. Then I thought I'd check your blog, because I remembered you have some nifty portraits posted. I was looking at "Elizabeth" and read that you had taken a workshop from her! I'll be posting my commission in a few weeks. Like to get your opinion of it. Good luck with your gallery show Mr. ambulance painter.

Danny Griego said...

Hi David
Hey, thanks for checking in! I wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn's workshop if you ever get the chance. I'm hoping she comes back to San Diego this late summer of fall. Good luck on your commission David!

Anthony said...

Hi Danny,
I saw your add on craigslist in SF. Well i checked it out and I really like your stuff. I work in a similar style to yours urban landscapes. I like the painting you did with the railroad crossing sign. Well check out my work and see for your self we have some things in common
Thanks tony papini.

Danny Griego said...

Anthony, thanks so much. I did check out your site. Keep up the good work, your paintings are looking good!

Larry Seiler said...

beautiful piece, Danny!!!