Jan 25, 2013

Mountain Farm

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Green, green and MORE green. Green was a big challenge while painting in Colombia mainly because it's a tropical country. If one isn't careful with green the painting can go south in a hurry (done plenty of those!). The big challenge is to add some variation with temperature and value in order to seperate the greens. In real life, standing in front of this scene with eyes squinted, it pretty much read as one solid dark value with little variation in temperature. Not good for the painting. I didn't do much here with value, but instead wanted to seperate the greens using temperature and chroma.  This is a farm that we visited that belongs to the uncle of my mother-in-law.  He and his wife have lived on this farm for many many years.  No road leads to this place, only a footpath.  Such the serene and tranquil life.....

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