Feb 7, 2013

Alley Garage

Oil/Linen panel
Plein air

Painted on a nice, cool San Diego morning.  This alley is near our apartment.  So many interesting things to paint in my own neighborhood of Hillcrest.  I really like the old garages that populate the alleyways here.  In most cases I find them more interesting than the houses on the main streets.  Everything seemed to great for this little painting until the "art" police showed up.  Turns out the guy across the way was concerned that I would get hit by a car from where I was positioned.  I think he just didn't want me there, some strange and dangerous art guy minding his own business.  Maybe my brush strokes were a bit too loud for his beauty sleep.  The officers really enjoyed the painting and we chatted for a while.  After the two patrol cars left I eased back into my painting........ and all was good.  What I like most about this painting is the color in the shadows and the strong raking morning light.

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