Mar 5, 2013

Kickin' It At The Cliffs

Oil/masonite panel
Plein air

This one was painted as Sunset Cliffs, just west of Ocean Beach.  It was a beautiful, crisp and sunny morning.  I'm sure the locals have a name for this natural wonder but I am unaware of it.  Perhaps also it has been painted many times over the decades.  And rightly so.  This area draws all walks of life, a great place to enjoy the coastal beauty San Diego has to offer.  I want to paint the other side of this one sometime soon, but also incorporate a surfer or two walking across.  Apparently this is one of the areas where the surfers lower into the water.  I'm always amazed at the color of the water at Sunset Cliffs.  So vivid.  I love the way the foam forms after the waves pummel into the cliffs.  After crashing, they morph into ornate white lace curtains floating on the water then disappear.  Will be getting back to this place soon.

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