Jun 27, 2013

New Gallery & Florida Canyon

Oil/masonite panel
Plein air

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I'm always amazed that scenes like this are so close to where I live.  I live in the middle of a bustling, loud and always vibrant neighborhood.  Apparently not too far from places like this. This was painted on a grey morning in Florida Canyon, just off Balboa Park here in San Diego. I'd like to do a series in this area as there are a lot of scenes to choose from. This painting, along with 7 others, are featured in my new gallery.  That's right, I said it, new gallery!  I am excited about my new digs and I hope good things come of it.  The name of the gallery is Siamak Gallery and is located at 1250 Prospect Street, Suite A20 in La Jolla.  If you venture into La Jolla check it out.  The gallery represents a good number of artists and I am happy to be a part of the gallery.

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