Aug 23, 2013

Bread & Cie 2

Studio painting

Since the first "Bread & Cie" painting sold, I was asked to do another for a couple that relocated from San Diego to Oregon.  They wanted a piece of San Diego to take with them and this cafĂ© was a favorite spot of theirs for many years.  Ahhh the memories.  But now they own a piece of San Diego real estate.  This version is different from the first one I painted (click here) as the view is farther away and at a slight angle.  I like the way the cars help to frame the painting. 


Matthew Chinian said...

Hi Danny, You do great architectural work, reminds me a bit of Hopper. You also make the ground work for you, that's not easy either. Awesome! I'm a bit scared of man made things...Matt

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Matthew! Don't be afraid my friend, think as you would normally: see the shapes and values and not think about "what" you are painting. Give it shot, you'll enjoy it.