Oct 30, 2014

This one was awesome fun!  I chose the gamut (colors) on site which consists of yellow/orange, blue/violet and blue/green.  With my normal warm/cool primary colors palette I probably would have dipped into each color.  The limited gamut palette kept me in check and I was still able to achieve the mood I was shooting for (a partly cloudy colorful San Diego fall morning).  8x10 - Oil.

There will be a artist reception on Friday, November 7th from 5 to 7pm for my next showing at Bread & Cie Cafe.  I know it's kind of an odd day and hour but I hope you can drop by. Bread and Cie will provide food and there will be alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages provided. The cafe is located in Hillcrest at 350 University Avenue.  The show will hang on November 5th and will continue thru the first week of December.  There will be 12 paintings total, all  new, including my last few posts on the this blog.  Would be nice to see you so come on out if you are able to!

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