Oct 25, 2014

This was a fun one to paint here in my neighborhood.  For this one I used yellow ochre, transparent red oxide and ultramarine blue.  I like the sunlight and shadow conveyed in the this one and to me it fells like early morning light in a calm and tranquil alley.  I normally don't use transparent red oxide on warm/cool palette.  I was surprised how strong it is, like burnt sienna on steroids.  A little go a long way.  I'll be going back to this palette for sure.  This one measures 8x10. 


Patricia J. Powers said...

Beautiful work Danny. I really like your use of different red yellow and blue..I've started doing that and it's always amazing to see how the colors work together.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Patricia. Yes it is amazing how far you can stretch a limited palette. And it's a welcomed change from always doing the same palette. Looking forward to posting more results!