Apr 5, 2007

Florida Canyon Trail

Oil/linen panel
Plein Air

The nickname of the painting is The Green Monster. I've been forcing myself to set up in front of green, a lot of green. Trees, shrubs any green foliage. The purpose is to try and make sense of the overly green scene in front of me, trying to make a good design and especially trying to make good color choices regarding this tricky color (to me anyway). Only one tone of green, both color and value, actually existed in this scene. Trying to separate greens is the challenge. And fun of course. This is one I liked from the last two weeks of painting green scenes.


Stefan Nuetzel said...

I have seen it already on WC and you have dealt with the greens wonderfully. I like the balance between the soft edges, structures and little details. You´ve captured the light very good. In order to end this: I like it! ;-)

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Nue!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Yes I agree separating greens is a chalenge to me as well.

Danny Griego said...

Part of the fun Robin, for sure!