May 6, 2007

McCoy House At Old Town

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

This view caught my eye wandering through the Old Town area of San Diego. The house is called the McCoy House. Don't know anything about it, just liked the view, the vertical format and the zig zag of the fence.


suzy.schaefer said...

It was a large residence built in 1869 by James McCoy, a well-to-do Irish immigrant who served as San Diego’s sheriff and state senator. Prior to 1851 the property belonged to Maria Eugenia Silvas, descendant of a Spanish Colonial soldier who came to Alta California in the 1770s.
And you nailed it with this beautiful painting. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I visited Old Town San Diego this past summer...what a great place! Nicely done!


vivien said...

lovely work :)

Danny Griego said...

Thanks for the info Suzy, I wasn't really sure about the place. Interesting info. Someone also told me it wasn't the original house but a reconstruction.

Thanks Debbie, glad you enjoy the painting. Like this place, San Diego is full of gems to paint.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Vivien, you have an interesting blog as well. Nice!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Danny,

I found you through Alex's blog. Wonderful paintings by the way! Your compositions are strong, your drawing is solid and I enjoy the subject matter. You seem to have a similar affinity for urbany type scenes.
If you're ever in the Los Angeles area, maybe we could go paintng. By the way, may I add you as a link to my blog?

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Jennifer!
Been a fan of your paintings for some time, great work overall. Your choice of subjects are simply fantastic. Sure, add me to your blog and it would be a privelege to add you to my blog.
Thanks again!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

This is a very good one and I like the composition and variety of colors which add such a nice mood to it.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Stefan!

Anonymous said...

Anybody who can paint back alleys and dumpsters and make me slobber over them probably also walks on water. Keep it up, you're an inspiration!


Danny Griego said...

Ha ha, that's funny Codster! I have never recieved a compliment quite like that, but thanks. I'm glad you're inspired. I feel the same way looking at those who inspire me.