May 14, 2007

Ocean Beach Life Guard Tower

Oil/cotten panel
Plein Air

Wasn't too sure about this one when I finished it, but after a week or so it kind of grew on me. It was one of those bright hazy mornings. The distant dark on the horizon was a fog bank that eventually rolled in. What caught my eye was the sand bank in the foreground and the obvious division of foreground, middle and background with a hint of the ocean itself.


les lull said...

Danny....I have liked your work from the first painting I saw. I got tagged in a tagging war and was supposed to tag seven other artists who had blogs and work I admired, so tag you are it. You can get details off of my blog. Please feel free to accept or decline.

Joe Kazimierczyk said...

Danny, I didn't realize that Les tagged you too, but I just did the same. Your work is really great! Here's my "tag" mentioning your blog. If you want to join in (optional!), you list who tagged you, list 7 things about yourself, and 7 blogs you like.

Danny Griego said...

Joe, thanks for "tagging" me. I'll try my best to participate but it seems all I have time for lately is work, painting and checking my email now and then. Pretty boring I know, but hopefully I can join in soon. Thanks for checking out my work, I also enjoy your painting very much!

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Les! I also enjoy your work. I'll hopefully be able to participate soon.