Nov 13, 2007

Tunnel Vision

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

My first plein air in a long time, but damn it felt good! Trying to shake off the rust. A grey day for sure. The top is interstate 5 heading north to Los Angeles with a frontage road running underneath it. I pass through this tunnel a lot and finally got around to painting it. This location is at Laurel and India. Would like to paint the other side of it sometime. I'm heading to Colorado for Thanksgiving and I'll be taking my paint gear. The last time I was there I saw my hometown with artists eyes. It's unbelievable how much there is to paint, things like old silos, abandoned gas stations, run down shops and dead cornfields with the Rocky Mountians in the background. Should be a fun time!


alex schaefer said...

Nice painting! I like the overcast feeling and the lights going into the tunnel. You see the beauty in the everyday. Colorado is amazing. you will swoon when you see the color. I was there earlier this year and did some great landscapes.

Danny Griego said...

Hey Alex, thanks so much. I love painting overcast days, so many delicate colors in those greys. I remember seeing your paintings from your Colorado trip. It's obvious you were having fun no doubt. Can't wait! Have a good turkey day.

David Lobenberg said...

Hey Danny. You left a comment about 16 minutes after mine on William Wray's blog. Seems he's the painter of blight, and you are the paint musher. Like your work too! Hit the jackpot tonight. Check out my blog if you have time. I'm going back to yours next to see more paintings.

Jennifer McChristian said...


What a treat! I LOVE this painting!
Pretty damned solid for someone who hasn't plein air painted in a while ;-)
I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving by the way.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks so much David.

Danny Griego said...

Thanks Jennifer. More rust to rid of for sure! My Thanksgiving was very nice and very cold (in Colorado). Painted a couple of times for the first time in very frigid temperatures, around 10 degrees on one of the two days. Brrrr. Hope yours was good as well!