Jan 10, 2008

Panchoy Lane

Oil/linen panel
Plein air

Here's a little side street in east county, San Diego. Definitely an unexplored area waiting to painted. This area was a lemon grove mecca back in the day, hence the name of the town is Lemon Grove. Some areas still have that farm community vibe with old shops and the railroad running through. Been doing little 6x8's and 8x10's lately and plan to use them for some larger studio pieces. I love doing these small ones. 30 to 60 minutes and that's it, just enough time to work from the gut and not get so caught up in details. This was executed in front of my good friend Ed's house looking east. Been wanting to do it for a while now and finally got a chance.


David Lobenberg said...

This ones OK, but I just took a look at your portrait work again...killers!

David Lobenberg said...

I just read your comment on this painting and was struck by the fact that you take between 30-60 min. to knock out a quick impression. I like that and will make it my new yr's resolution when I go out again (still way too cold up here unless I go out later in the day). Sun is low in the winter, so lots of elongated shadows even mid day.

Danny Griego said...

Hi David
Thanks for checking in. I really love doing the portraits no doubt. And I do recommend the short plein air studies. The cold can be a factor of course. Over Thanksgiving I painted in really cold weather in Colorado. My first time painting in freezing temperatures. A lot different of course from the usual nice weather here in San Diego. Plein air painters have it good in SoCal. Take care!

chubirka said...

Your an amazing artist. Love it!

Danny Griego said...

Likewise Jacqueline! Thanks for visiting.