Jun 12, 2013

Dog Park

Oil/masonite panel
Plein air


Here is an across the canyon view of dog park located at Balboa Park in San Diego. The famous California Tower sits in the distance, the tallest building in the park.  Over the years this building, and the one next to it, has been the subject of past and living artists, as the the architecture and its powerful presence attracts many.

Below are a few of my favorite paintings of these buildings.

This is by Maurice Braun who lived and painted in San Diego. Though born in Hungary he lived in San Diego from 1909 until his death in 1941.  You can read more about his interesting history here. This was painted in 1915 when there was still water underneath the Cabrillo Bridge.  The water is now highway 163.  Back in the day he had an art academy on B street.

These two are by San Diego artist Robert Watts.  Hands down one of my favorite plein air artists and in my opinion the best in San Diego.  His studio paintings also give me a charge.  Check him out here to see more of his work.  He teaches plein air painting classes at Watts Atelier in Encinitas.  I took a few of his classes and learned a ton.  Good stuff!!

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