Jun 7, 2013

Paintings, Prizes and Panda Express

Oil/masonite panel
Studio painting

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Once upon a time, every Friday night after a long week of working in the theater, my pals and I would walk to Nunu's to blow off steam.  A dive bar, complete with diner booths, cheap motel carpet and food that sticks to your ribs this place was our haven for libations.  If the walls in this place could talk....... well, then again, it's better that they can't.  I'll leave it at that.  Anyway, one night while strolling the neighborhood, I came across Nunu's in all it's dusk glory so I snapped some shots and came up with this painting. Last night I attended the San Diego County Fair art show and learned that Nunu's received an honorable mention in the oil cityscape category.

Then I learned that my plein air painting, Water Tower (below and posted on April 6th), won first place in the same category.  After viewing all the art and chatting it up at the reception, my wife and I went to Panda Express for a low key celebratory dinner.  The fair runs from June 8th thru July 4th and the Del Mar Fair Grounds.



Taryn Day said...

I've never met a water tower painting I didn't like, but this one is truly exceptional. The slight simplification, just enough to emphasis the form, and the subtle composition and color- really great.

Danny Griego said...

Hi Taryn
Thanks for the comment much appreciated! I do love the water towers, wish there were more in my area. Love your paintings! You have a great eye for portraits and figures. Thanks for checking in!