Oct 14, 2014

This 8x10 plein air was painted at Balboa Park.  Just up the street is the Laurel Street Bridge that leads into the park.  Trying to inject mood and colors schemes I normally don't think about or use in my recent efforts.  After hanging the Benchmark Brewery show I realized a few things.  When all the paintings were hanging on the wall all the paintings pretty much looked the same in regards to shadow colors, sky colors, saturation of colors, values, etc.  Though the paintings did read nicely from afar and up close, I felt that there really wasn't any variety in terms of color, mood, values, etc.  So I need to work on that and hopefully this painting is the first of many down that road.  So far it's been a positive challenge trying different colors schemes and limited palettes.  Looking forward to posting these efforts.


SteveKent said...

I like how you have shared with this painting creation. Your openness as an artist has touched a nerve within me to review my painting more.

Danny Griego said...

Hi SteveKent
Thanks for the comment. It's a good thing to step back and review, I didn't imagine it would take me down roads I otherwise would never have considered. Good luck on your journey!